Finish carpenters are one of the most valuable tradesmen in building a house. They are usually loaded with varieties of tools to install trims around the doors, windows, and crown moldings at the ceilings. They are very skillful and handy. This trade still exists in big demands, but they are still limited to small sizes.

With foam trim, you can come out with your own unique design, and the sizes are limitless. With the newer foam technology, we easily can replace some of the wood trims to foam. Foam trim doesn’t crack, and is low maintenance. Unlike wood, it won’t warp, and does not require painting as often as wood.

We are also able to duplicate wood texture for customers who want to imitate the structural element of wood cross beams, with an identical faux paint finish. Instead of a pressed, molded MDF product that is susceptible to moisture, and does not fulfill the same aesthetic as out faux products. The end result is pleasing, and allow us to bring more than one texture to the interior.

Although, foam trim is still considered fairly new to the building industry, architects and builders have created beautiful works of art by simply using foam trim. There is a great future for using foam trim in building industry. After all, foam trim are more friendly to our environment, and leave smaller carbon foot print for generations to come.