Huy Fong Foods

This massive facility in Irwindale is of a “tilt-up” concrete design. They manufacture hot sauce products that you can see at any grocery store worldwide. Following construction of the warehouse and manufacturing plant, beauty and character were created by installing foam details to the flat building facade. Per Architect specifications, details of many types were layered on top, around the windows, bands, columns, and quatrefoils with inserted tiles.

The unusual big curved shape on top was challenging since we had to completely prefabricate all sections, including finish, prior to installation. Our installation method was unique as well, and our innovative fastening method provided extra strength as materials cured. In some cases, we created secondary backing to support long lasting support for the big size pre-coating foam. Besides control joints and caulking required between the concrete panels, we did our part of grouting, and caulking for the foam part.

While the roof was getting installed, we started installing right away to finish the job in a timely manner. The building was bigger than a football stadium, and the speed of installation was crucial in a big project like this. As we were installing the foam shapes, painters and site concrete crew were following us. All details used in this job were smooth and ready for paint.

  • Clean and modern architecture
  • Eco friendly materials
  • Idea to final solution