Church of Christ, Temecula

Cyrus company played a very important part in the interior and exterior of this church in Southern California. We started by redesigning 19 cylinders 7 feet diameter by 2 feet deep from heavy metal framing and drywall sheathing to foam; It was a no brainer! We not only
saved the owner and the contractor a lot of cost and time, but we also created a beautiful look.

The sharp edges, and perfect round cylinder was achieved by precision foam cutting and coating. Each one of the cylinders had to home five lights, and it was crucial to line up each hole to previously installed electrical boxes. On top of all of these challenges, we had to deal with a barrel ceiling.

Cyrus company’s innovative way of installation brought comfort and safety to all parishioners and visitors by securing each one of the cylinders to the structure above by using only tread rods. Exterior remodeling was one of the fastest facades we had ever done! By using dense glass and filler foam, We created a nice flat wall to apply our typical foam details.

  • Clean and modern architecture
  • Eco friendly materials
  • Idea to final solution