About us

Cyrus Hosseini has been a quality leader in the foam shapes industry since 1986. An architectural degree combined with a love of travel have helped to shape Cyrus’ eye for good design.

“With today’s technology, almost any building can be made to reflect the good taste and style of it’s owner” says Cyrus, whose philosophy combines art, architecture and simplicity.

“I want each customer to feel that he or she has purchased a quality, reliable product from Cyrus Foam Shapes, and I back that quality up with my name.”

Cyrus Company has been manufacturing and installing a wide variety of foam shapes for many high tech exteriors and interiors, using only the best quality materials, custom designed to fit YOUR building – in any color, design, size or quantity you need. Our Custom Foam Shapes are used in homes, shopping centers, exclusive resorts and entertainment venues, basically any place you think you are looking at stone, marble, concrete or wood.

Cyrus Co. has supplied and installed foam shapes to every type of building since 1986. We provide unique varieties of services.
Cyrus Co Vision
We agreement to our Client includes an utmost commitment to quality, safety and cost effectiveness. We strive to provide YOU with the best results possible.
Cyrus Co Mission
At Cyrus Co. our mission is to fulfill the imagination of our client. Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.
Cyrus Co project management
Our staff are highly trained and will develop a personalized project management plan for each project. They work to construct contingencies for unforeseen issues.