Holiday Inn, Pasadena, CA

The remodel job at Holiday Inn was very interesting from a design perspective. The owner wanted to change the look of 80’s architecture at the tower while they were going through a major interior remodeling. The tower was the focal point, visible from the freeway.

Cyrus company used 2″ foam panels to go over existing stucco, and some new construction as well. Not only did we create foam arches instead of framing them, but also we made a cool look out of tile work inside of the arches as well. One of the advantages of using foam is time saving.

We can take one step after another, as soon as possible. While the traditional wall covering requires curing time in between, foam panels can be installed and coated next day. All surfaces of the foam were covered by fiberglass mesh and base coat. Then, we applied few colored acrylic coatings over them. The shops and hotel were still open during the construction.

  • Clean and modern architecture
  • Idea to final solution