Architectural Foam:
One of the newer materials available in the construction industry is Architectural foam. Foam shapes are widely used in any major shopping center, malls, and residences. Over the past 30 years, foam has became one of the essential elements in creating the facade of most buildings. In fact, Architectural foam, when made and installed properly, has replaced pre cast concrete, carved wood and carved stone, and the substitution is not even detectable. This is why
Architectural foam should be created with the same care and artisanal integrity used by the original craftsmen working with stone or wood.
Architectural foam changed how we do any facade today. In this fairly new industry, foam brought a lot of advantages to the longevity of a building as well. The high cost of old materials combined with high maintenance, is the reason most homes and buildings became less detailed and less interesting. While pre-cast concrete seemed a viable solution to stone in many applications, it is not a feasible choice in some applications because of its weight and difficult installation. Architectural foam is light weight, installed with a little backing or none at all.
Architectural foam can create varieties of architectural details and in most cases, can be customized on the spot for a “perfect fit”. In tall buildings, the dramatic look created by a big shape can only be achieved by architectural foam.