Why Foam?

Why foam?
EPS Foam is greener than you think!
Consider this:

  • Foam shapes are used to replace other more costly and less envitonmentally resilient materials such as wood, stone, pre-cast concrete shapes.
  • A relatively small amount of material is used to produce a very large shape
  • The light weight nature of foam shapes lends itselfs to many application require less support and less preparation than heavier alternatives.
  • Foam shapes do not warped or lose shape over time.
  • Foam shapes save money, labor and material costs.

The creative applications for foam shapes are endless, and with our experts knowledge, Cyrus Company can change the whole look and budget for your job form strat to finish.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a material used to build and insulate walls, roofs, and amazing architectural building exteriors. The simplicity of EPS has found world wide acceptance in today’s construction industry, due in part to its environmental advantages as a non-toxic, earth-friendly substitute for other materials.

The potential applications of EPS are endless. When used in buildings, it slows the spread of fire. Foam also contains none of the HFC’s, CFC’s, or HCFC’s in other materials. The simple chemical makeup of EPS is carbon and hydrogen,elements found in wood and other organic materials. All of the Cyrus company scraps are retrieved and easily recycled, with a little to no waste. It is inert and stable, and does not leach toxic chemicals, heavy metals, or create decomposition gases.

All polystyrene products make up less than 1% of land fill contents, compared to 40% for paper. EPS is even useful in landfills as it stabilizes the area for later use as a park, Baseball field, or other recreational area. We are dedicated to the idea that the brightest future for foam products and applications is still ahead.